My name is Ana Wishnoff and I am currently a student and front-end developer. The interfaces and experiences that I develop focus on usability and simplicity.


Who I Am
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I was born and raised in New York City and grew up with a passion for art and design. In my freshman year at RPI, I took Computer Science I and quickly found a love for the problem-solving nature of CS. After coming in as a graphic design major, I changed to Information Technology and Web Science at the end of that first semester. Combining my two passions together, I am now pursuing a career in front-end development and front-end engineering. Outside of career and classes, I am the president of the RPI Branch of the Information Technology Honor Society, and enjoy cooking and watching a lot of TV in my free time.
What I Do
I'm currently a senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Information Technology and Web Science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. My main interest and area of focus lays in the user - why users interact with the web the way that they do, and how to develop and implement applications in accordance with that.
Where I've Worked
Summer 2018: Digital Technology Intern at GE Digital
I worked as a full stack developer to create dynamically updating tiles that display data taken from factory assets (water pumps, valves, etc.). Implemented front-end of tiles and connected to data from microservices as a backend.

Summer 2017: Technology Development Intern at Optum
Served as scrum master and a front-end developer to create a user interface in which clients could access their claims reports data.

Summer 2016: Graphic Design Intern at AARYAH
AARYAH is a small jewelry company, and I designed main components of the company's website and marketing materials.

During the semester, I work as an undergraduate TA for Computer Science I, where I help students learn the fundamental principles of CS and help them complete lab assignments.


My favorite technologies/languages are AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JS and Python.
However, I can also do cool stuff using SQL, C++, PHP, SASS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.
I'm also an avid user of Git, LaTex, Adobe Create Suite, and front-end frameworks like Bootstrap.
MoCoin: An Ethereum TPS
Role: Front-End Lead

Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, MySQL, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Gulp

Description: A generalized and customizable Initial Coin Offering (ICO) coin distribution system that can process transactions from the Ethereum blockchain and automatically verify, and accredit the user their coins. A fake coin called MoCoin was being used to show a proof of concept with the front-end.

Uncle Sam's Health Foods: Admin Panel
Role: Front-End Lead

Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap, PHP

Description: An Information Management System for a local health foods store that included website and customer analytics, spam control, email subscriber signup, and embedded mass email and mass text message functionality.

Pipeline: Content Organization
Role: Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Technologies Used: HTML/CSS, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Docker

Description: A tool for content organization, tracking, and distribution, created originally to help with the production of The Rensselaer Polytechnic newspaper. Pipeline tracks stories for the newspaper, and lets editors immediately enter in details and assignments for a story. As the story is written and put through the editing process, Pipeline records the edit history so editors can easily see who did what.

This project is currently unfinished, but you can checkout the public repository at https://github.com/thepoly/Pipeline.


If you want all the information on this site wrapped up, feel free to view my resume below! Click here to view larger/download.


I am currently looking for full-time opportunities, specifically in front-end development or front-end engineering, at an entry or new graduate level. If you are interested in speaking to me about my projects, my interests, or employment opportunities, please contact me at:

You can also find me on: